Nueva Vida swatched - Gourmande Girls

Nueva Vida, Gourmande Girls' new palette, was developed in collaboration with Steff's Beauty Stash and is perfect for spring and summer. 

Colour story

Vibrant pops of magenta pinks and neon green and orange call for party looks. Muted blue, lavender, and peach mattes help to blend your bright looks or create a more casual one. Duochrome and multichrome toppers transform any look, bringing it up a notch. Satin white is a perfect addition for a sublime highlight. 


Muted tones and neons might not seem too pigmented in finger swatches, but don't get fooled. This kind of matte formula performs best when packed on the eyelid and not finger-swatched, especially with no primer underneath, as in these pictures. The same goes for toppers - they are meant to layer on top of other shades to show their colours truly.

Take a look at these raw swatches for comparison. I patted the shades Weekend Vibes and Que Padre with a brush over a primer. Island Time is applied here over the matte Buster and Blessed - over Keep Moving. It's a cellphone photo with no filters or editing. Magic, right? 


Let me know if you want to see any other shades applied differently. 

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Super helpful to see the shimmers layered over the mattes!


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