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The brand owner, Jordan, combined her two biggest passions in creating Fantasy Cosmetica, a makeup line inspired by the fantasy genre.

The brand produces a variety of products, including lip and face products and perfumes. However, it is most famous for its beautiful 9-pan eyeshadow palettes, each inspired by a fantasy character and featuring unique colour stories of multichromes, duochromes, shimmers and pigmented mattes.

Brand ethics

Fantasy Cosmetica products are not tested on animals and strive to employ vegan formulations.

Wizard eyeshadow palette by Fantasy Cosmetica closeup

Wizard eyeshadow palette

This blue colour story with pops of pastel yellow is inspired by the wizard fantasy character, a spellcaster and researcher. The palette features two multichromes, including one with smooth holographic shimmer, two duochromes and five mattes. The colour depth ranges from almost white pastels to dark blue and purple.


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