Collection: Blend Bunny Cosmetics

Blend Bunny Cosmetics was founded by makeup artist and content creator @blendbunny. She created the brand to serve a functional purpose for artists like herself - blending shades to perfection.

Blend Bunny Cosmetics palettes are well-known for their matchless mattes: pigmented, easily blended, and high quality.

Brand ethics

Blend Bunny Cosmetics is a fully inclusive brand that believes in quality, cruelty-free products for all.

The brand is officially Leaping Bunny-certified (holds a certificate of approval for adopting the Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals).

Machina eyeshadow palette by Blend Bunny

created to stand alone


A sci-fi-inspired palette created from a mutual vision of the brand owner and her late father. The dual-sided colour story represents AI intelligence and human emotions and consciousness colliding. Reds, corals and periwinkles represent the human side, with greens, blues and greys for the robot one.